This old house for one family is in reality a residence of Arcturus Lwowski in CreepyTown. It looks like normal house, found in towns and district many kilometers from city. It is located at Moonshiners Street at number 10. It's a typical home in district near Port Alley, which is going to centre and port. On street there are 10 homes and that is the last of them and also located and created from blueprint of old tsar system fort, known as Warsaw Keep.


The house is located at borders with local forest, known as CreepyForest. This it an old sailing defece fort, for some reasons forgotten. When Arcturus arrived, he developed this location. He built steel drawbridge and gate like in garrison. After that the territory, which was not so big for city scale, becomes a full villa. House's walls was costructed basically from concrete, bricks and reinforced concret at the surface, which means that home is a solid construction combined with beauty. So-called emperor himself was building this home very long and by now he paying a credit for renovation.

There is 2 floors at top, without ground floor, which have added with synthetic mountains and 3 under surface. One piece of western home's part is designed for embassies, and one of eastern home's part, also near main entrance - for military garrison. The biggest rooms are the gym, imperial office, imperial bedroom and swimming pool. What's more interesting emperor built there his command centre, where from cellars we have a huge leadership thanks by the newest techniques, especially Internet, which "allows man to rule over the entire world".

Hidden here was also by some miracle an airfield of Ostnino, which can landing vertical, thanks by adding him in special engines. The airfield is situated at back gardens, at the glade. It's a little square, capable for size of Il-2. Except that there are weapons there, but only as a decoration, like at mountain and trenches and bunkers system. Although big windows or stained glass windows was made greatly, sometimes situation with home is bad - at the courtyard plants trying to grow up.