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  • Nexus Imperium (ToMC) - a powerful state, arrived to Bermuda Triangle in 2017, aggressively in politics towards others. They said that they are communistic monarchy, where monarch is equally with Parlamentum and have the function much like president. Advanced in technology is a threat to many of Triangle's groups. Many people said that it's multiversal, it haven't got begin or end and controlling milions of other universes.
  • Nexus Imperium (Fantasia World) - one of countries of Great Pact, belongs to Nexus Commonwealth. It have a capital on Arcturus planet, that the place where was launched Great Nexusian Crusade, which united secessioned Nexus territories. Home of Arcturus Lwowski, man who's the leader of all Nexus Governments.
  • Nexus Imperium (Postconjuction) - one of nexusian governments, currently existing. His existing started 15 thousands years ago, during 30th millenium. During his reign more emphasis was placed to fight against Chaos forces.