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You want to know about what is that Wiki. Well, ot's test Wiki, on where person, known in WikiMedia network as CreationKeeper creating all of his exercises in code and other things, like stories, files from net or made by himself, news and miscellaneous. You will find here some fan fiction. Also ypu can even talk with creator. Because author have a very big talent in creativity and skills for creating articles, he still works over articles, inserting new files and grouping everything in categories. Actuall on Fandom there is for that moment 273 articles. Happy reading articles and watching pictures. You can also comment them.

Also author want to said and make sure all creators a few files that they have rights to pictures and everything from Fairuse or CC-BY-SA license. Also picture are only some kind of help for readers in the way to imagine a look of things. Author rights belongs to their creators, but files on Copyright license belongs to CreationKeeper himself, the founder of that Wiki. All rights to Self/Copyright files have CreationKeeper and they are reserved by himself, like rights to pictures created by other people, which is on that Wiki on Fair Use license.


CreationKeeper's universes

All of universes created by CreationKeeper:

Fan fictions

All created by CreationKeeper universes, whose are fan fictions of well-known or less known universes:


Other CreationKeeper's works:

Awarded article
Coalition of Mankind's Planets

Coalition of Mankind's Planets

{{Coalition of Mankind's Planets}} it's an organization created in 2605, after Hordeswarm attacked Human Alliance and quickly conquered Braxis. When their planets were devastated, and Conqrix (Hordeswarm faction) poisoned atmosphere, forcing organic creatures to hard works in toxic mines, the divided mankind was united thanks the talks on planet Perun-4 and found the Coalition. Read all...

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